Merchandiser and whole-seller of papers, cardboards and paper products.


 The company was established in 1997 with its main business activities delivery and trading with paper, paperboard and cardboard for the field of polygraphy and manufacturing of packaging and wall-papers. Today it is one of the biggest paper trading companies in Bulgaria, and it is a prefeered partner to some of the most famous paper mills in the Europe. We also work with some of the best paper mills in Europe and Asia.

Besides the high quality papers we sell on the Bulgarian paper market, on the base of professional partnership, we also produce finished products in book publishing, periodicals and production of advertising materials, calendars, business cards, posters, self-adhesive paper labels, promotional stickers, and other promotional and packaging cardboard, corrugated pasteboard and cardboard. 

Our goal is to assist you to send your message to your customers in the best possible way.