Merchandiser and whole-seller of papers, cardboards and paper products.

  • business cards
  • packages
  • envelopes
  • adhesive stickers
  • ad labels
  • fresheners
  • calendars
  • albums
  • blisters for flavors
  • guides
  • catalogs, programs, books, albums, diaries
  • instructions
  • covers
  • dices
  • folders
  • gift bags
  • invitations
  • cards
  • cardboard packages
  • penses
  • electronic cigarettes and any items suitable for printing

To us is important to help you to satisfy your business!
We offer finished products, in addition to standard neshta- calendars, posters, cards, small and large boxes, advertising flyers and brochures, pens, colored kartoteni bags, envelopes, business cards, business notebooks, and any products made of cardboard and paper, we provide and invitations, elegant boxes of wine or gifts.