Работно време: 09:00ч. - 17:30ч.

Working time: 09:00 - 17:30


Working proactively nowadays is a huge plus, but surprises of the new age are unpredictable. We will continue to prove ourselves as a reliable partner to our customers in the long run. We will rely on maximum financial discipline and constant marketing on the European and world market. We put satisfaction of our customers first and we try to be as useful as possible for them and their products.

These over 25 years of experience have taught us to deal with extreme and force majeure situations. We have gone through the great changes of democracy, political changes, financial crises, speculation, epidemic, war and others, but they taught us discipline, stability and flexibility. This in turn has strengthened our position on the market as a long-term and stable partner for our customers. We will continue to work towards quality and we are happy that this is appreciated.

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