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Founder of the Company – Georgi Nedev

MAG 97 Ltd. was established in 1997 and is one of the first private companies founded to supply paper and cardboard for printing and the production of various types of packaging. Our company has been built and prospered over the years on the basis of quality, trust and great efforts made by two generations for development of the family business.

Correctness in the relations with our clients has allowed us to gain a large market share, long-term contacts and great trust from our foreign partners. The high criteria and requirements of the market have developed our desire and aspiration to provide perfect deliveries and constant communication. All this could not have happened without the wonderful team of professionals and people with an unquenchable enthusiasm for development. The experience gained over these more than 25 years allowed us to choose our suppliers according to their quality, share, service and accordingly to recommend them to our customers. Our points of contact with these leaders in the production of paper and cardboard give us a broad view of the market, production, application and innovation in this segment of the business.

Over the years, the types of paper and cardboard have increased and are strictly profiled according to their application. Individual factories have specified in certain types of products and developed the most efficient and attractive for the market products.

Different types of certification for environmental friendliness, efficiency, biodegradability, quality of service and management, right of contact with food etc. were imposed. MAG 97 Ltd. is also part of the FSC production tracking chain.

The extraction of timber from FSC – certified forests preserves the environment. Preserves the diversity of the flora and fauna, and respects the rights of the local population.

Preserves the diversity of the flora and fauna, and respects the rights of the local population. MAG 97

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