Работно време: 09:00ч. - 17:30ч.

Working time: 09:00 - 17:30

Our Focus

Our aim is to continue as a stable company and a desirable partner, working on all European standards and requirements.

In recent years, our focus on quality has made a huge contribution to our success. We will continue to provide better services, delivery of highest quality products, flexible conditions for our customers and optimization of the +production costs of our partners.

Looking for and complying in the first place with quality, we work towards optimal conditions for storage, delivery and packaging of our goods. For the products offered by us, there are requirements for storage at a certain temperature, humidity, light and others in order to preserve their specification. There are other seemingly insignificant factors, but in reality they are of great importance to the final product and maximum production efficiency.

As an agent or a distribution company, we work to improve every aspect of our work – delivery, warehousing, packaging, loading and unloading, service, communication, marketing and sales.

* For more information and specific requirements, contact our sales department.