Работно време: 09:00ч. - 17:30ч.

Working time: 09:00 - 17:30

The sales team of Mag 97 Ltd. visited its long-standing partner in Gorla Minore, Italy – EVO Elettrochimica.

The factory was founded way back in 1927 by the engineer Giovanni Fazoli. At first it produced sulfuric acid and caustic soda, and later after the war it specialized in the trade of chemical materials. After 1968, the Fizzoli family sold a share to three new partners – the three brothers Barone, Bianchi and Morone. It was they who decided to start the production of laminated cardboard, which today is the main activity of the factory, which has been owned by the Barone family since 1995.

Special thanks to Anna-Lisa and Stefano for the warm welcome and hospitality.